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Italy is one of the world’s favourite destinations because of cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice, and many have not only visited these marvellous cities but have gone beyond to discover Naples, Turin, and Bologna.
But did you know that there is a whole world of mind-blowing experiences to be savoured in the countryside, and the smaller towns and villages away from the major cities?
Let us help you discover a whole other side of Italy mostly known only by locals. Explore awe-inspiring places and partake in activities you would never even imagine possible.
Click on the shaded areas at right to begin your journey.
We will be adding more over the next few moths, but if there's some place you want to visit you can always discuss it with us!
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Around Treviso Tuscia Sicily East Around Ravenna Central Po Valley Around Matera - COMING SOON! Gulf of Naples - COMING SOON! Padova & Vicenza - COMING SOON! Northeast Tuscany - COMING SOON! Abruzzo - COMING SOON

Around Treviso

A jewel of a province right next to Venice, with an extraordinary collection of art, history, beautiful landscapes and nature.
Picture ©Castelbrando

Nearest major city: Venice (40 minutes from Treviso)
Nearest major airport: Venice Marco Polo (30 minutes from Treviso)

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Mysterious Etruscan tombs and monuments, thermal springs, olive farms, hidden ruins in nature reserves, wild landscapes, Renaissance villas... all within a couple of hours from Rome.

Nearest major city: Rome (80 minutes from Viterbo)
Nearest major airport: Rome Fiumicino (90 minutes from Viterbo)

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Sicily East

Already a major haunt for many tourists, we now present a range of activities which go beyond the glamour of seaside resorts and ancient Greek heritage and embraces the natural heritage as well. From exploring Mount Etna in many different ways to discovering hidden canyons and prehistoric tombs, Sicily in December is the time to be seen without the  heat and crowds of summer!

Nearest major city: Catania
Nearest major airport: Catania Fontanarossa Airport

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Around Ravenna

Once the capital of the Western Roman Empire and now host to Early Christian and Byzantine monuments that are inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 1996, Ravenna is just over an hour away by train from Bologna. A treasure trove of art, history and culture that is surrounded by farmland and nature reserves which provide an endless array of choices for the avid nature-lover.

Nearest major city: Bologna (70 minutes from Ravenna)
Nearest major airport: Venice Marco Polo (140 minutes from Ravenna)

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Central Po Valley

This area just south of Milan remains little explored by foreign tourists. From the ancient pilgrimage route of the Via Francigena, to the cities of Pavia, Lodi, Piacenza and Cremona, this section of the Po valley is quite unlike the rest of northern Italy.

Nearest major city: Milan (60 minutes from Pavia)
Nearest major airport: Milan Malpensa (80 minutes from Pavia)

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Around Matera - COMING SOON!

Matera is always the major highlight for visitors to the deep south of Italy, but its surreal beauty easily overshadows the rest of its home region of Basilicata. Check out some of its treasures waiting to be discovered here.

Nearest major city: Bari
(50 minutes from Matera)
Nearest major airport: Bari Karol Wojtyla (50 minutes from Matera)

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Gulf of Naples - COMING SOON!

Few people realise that beyond the already famous places like Sorrento, Capri and city of Naples, the Gulf of Naples has a wealth of amazing places to explore which is hardly known to the outside world, including the enormous caldera of a gigantic supervolcano, which over millenia has resulted in some fantastic land formations and thermal springs.

Nearest major city: Naples
Nearest major airport:
Naples International Airport

Padova & Vicenza - COMING SOON!


Nearest major city: Venice
Nearest major airport:
Naples International Airport

Northeast Tuscany - COMING SOON!

If the word "Tuscany" brings to mind images of rolling hills and idyllic vineyards, then let us show you a side of ths famous region that you can't even imagine. From mountains to hot springs, from Da Vinci to Pinocchio, this is where the locals have kept their secrets all these years!

Nearest major city: Florence
Nearest major airport: Pisa International


Unspoiled nature and neverending quaint villages which recalls an Italy long past is perhaps a apt description of Abruzzo, so close to Rome yet ignored for decades by millions of tourists who ply the standard routes of the major cities. One of the few regions where you can go skiing in the mountains and still reach the seas for a meal in little more than an hour!

Nearest major city: Rome (2 hours from Pescara)
Nearest major airport: Rome Fiumicino (3 hours from Pescara)