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Introducing a whole new way to plan your trip...

After nearly two years of restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Ergo: Travel has developed a new series of customised trips to celebrate the return of travel to Italy!

We plan to bring back our group tours in spring of 2022, but starting this November we have a whole new series of proposals to help you experience Italy like never before:

  • Discover wonderful lesser-known areas of Italy off the beaten path and away from the crowds.
  • Smaller groups for a more intimate and cozy experience.
  • Travel either by self-driven rental car or by minivan.
  • Choose from a varied selection of interesting activities and places within each area and compile them into your own personalised trip.
  • Each area of travel is of limited size, saving you time spent going from one place to another.
  • You can also choose to extend your trip by spending a few days in the main city near each area, or else combine areas for a more varied experience.
  • No obligation to fill your time with activities, just include one or more free days just for relaxation!
  • Not only will you be enjoying a whole new way of travelling, but you will also help to sustain the local economy of the places you visit.

Explore the pages below to find out what surprises await you!

Euganean Hills

Eastern Sicily

Treviso &
the Cansiglio Woods

Val di Susa

Important notes
  1. All suggestions are meant for small groups of 4-6 persons travelling in a minivan, recommended at this point in time to minimise risk of crowding when indoors, such as dining in restaurants and visiting smaller establishments. Larger groups of up to 12 persons will require a minibus, or else separately in 2 minivans. 
  2. All suggested meals will be in family-run trattorie or smaller restaurants serving local cuisine. Mineral water is included, while soft drinks, wines and other beverages are to be paid for separately.
  3. Excursions and visits are accompanied either by the guide and/or chauffeur, but you may also request a tour leader to accompany the group for the entire length of your stay for an additional fee.
  4. For the time being, local festivals have been left out to avoid crowds, but once circumstances allow we shall be including them in our suggestions.
  5. Some activities are feasible only at certain times of the year or under very specific weather conditions, such viewing the pressing of olives, gathering wild herbs, picking mushrooms, or truffle hunting.
  6. All travellers are strongly urged to follow the precautions against risk of  Covid-19 infection explained in this page.