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Our approach

We believe in unique, immersive experiences
A summer evening eating watermelon at a street stall while chatting with locals. A Mass celebrated entirely in Gregorian chant at a Benedictine monastery. Witnessing a pre-Christian ritual held only once every two years, in a small village in the Italian Alps. We bring you to the hidden treasures of Italy, beyond the sights everyone knows, into the real world and everyday life of Italians.

We support our clients, every step of the way
Whether you join us on a guided tour or prefer independent travel, we make travel easier and more reassuring for you. Our arrangements make clients feel supported and secure even when they’re off the beaten track. Our wide network in Italy means that you can be assured of the best, most attentive service and care wherever you travel.

We encourage a leisurely pace of travel
Italy is the land of il dolce far niente, the concept of savouring every moment without distractions and other activities on your mind. While every region has enough to keep you busy for days, we plan itineraries that help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of each place you visit. Instead of packing every day for a new destination, you’ll witness the magic of a place unfold, and come home feeling refreshed and energised.

Our services

Ergo: Travel offers guided tours, customised trips, and support for independent travelers. Itineraries are carefully paced, with the perfect balance of group activities and free time. For your free time during guided tours, we provide guides and handouts to help you get the most out of exploring on your own. Our knowledgeable and supportive local guides bring you to the real Italy, and enrich your visit with in-depth information and useful suggestions.

Our range of services include:

  • Travel planning
  • Small group tours
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Farmstays and villas
  • Train bookings
  • Private transport and transfers
  • Escorted day tours
  • Private guides
  • Educational programmes
  • Personalised services
  • Special interests and activities