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Fattoria San Donato

By Euchai

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Some pictures just lend themselves to a wide horizontal layout. The format had its roots when I was preparing to take part in the NATAS travel fair in Singapore for the first time, and I wanted wide posters which I could use as panoramas and such, and eventually settled on a half-A1 size which would have fitted well with other A series posters I had. This one was probably one of the earlier ones to be printed, the picture being taken in October of 2011.

Fattoria San Donato was the first farm I ever took a groups to on an organised wine-tasting visit, and I have been a loyal collaborator with them ever since. Umberto and Federica, together with their three daughters and Federica’s mother, run a vineyard and olive farm living in the tiny village of San Donato near San Gimignano, where many of the buildings are some 800 years old. 

Since I visit them while heading north on my way to Florence during my Magnificent Italy Tour in early December, this affords me the perfect opportunity to buy their freshly-pressed olive oil to give to my friends in Venice, as well as a few tins to bring back home with me at the end of the year.

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