The inspiration for this blog started with an exhibition of my photographs of Italy during the month of October of 2018 held at the APICS Italian Cultural Centre in Singapore The photographs exhibited were taken during my time living in Italy from 1987 to 1996, and of the many trips I have made there since then until that year.

And what could I possibly depict of Italy that I everyone else hasn't already photographed? As it turned out, plenty.

Of course, Italy is utterly stuffed with spectacular scenery and interesting subjects, so that in itself ensured that I would never run out of inspiration. But beyond this, there's also the fact that as a foreigner living there I also had the chance to see things a local might take for granted, as well as the chance to savour a particular moment that the casual tourist would have far less opportunity to do.

So here then, is a collection of pictures, not just of unusual places, but oftentimes of places which are more familiar but seen from a different angle, or under a different light, or in a different setting, or at a different moment. 

Capturing the moment. That elusive, special moment. That's the goal which I hope to achieve... one day.

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